July 06, 2011

A Pirate's Bargain from TI (#WPBT)

Recently, April (a/k/a @thisisnotapril) announced the official dates for the Winter Poker Blogger Tournament (#WPBT). Since I was able to endure both the presence of @realdawnsummers and having @drizztdj suck out from ahead with Kings in my rookie #WPBT appearance, I was excited to sign up for this year's shenanigans. Now, Aria is not only hosting the #WPBT tourney, but has also offered a great poker room rate with no minimum play requirements ($99/$139 weekday/weekend). I love Aria's rooms and poker rooms, so I have already made reservations. But, my internal cheapskate likes to at least check out the competition, so I was intrigued by this generous offer from Treasure Island ... errr, TI:

Wow! A full 40% discount and two buffets?!?!  Sign me up!!

Oh wait. Not so fast, my friends. Apparently Phil Ruffin has me slotted in at least three tax brackets above my pay grade. Here's my official TI room rate for #WPBT weekend:

Yikes! Apparently TI has gone seriously upscale since I last stayed there in March for under $90/night. Guess I'll have to slum it at Aria .... *Sigh*

It's a tough life, but I manage somehow.

1 comment:

  1. Walk up to craps tabled hammered.

    Bet $260 across.

    Reach into pocket when 1st shooter craps out

    Bet $260 across.

    Comped room offers will flow in. Even if you cash out for a $2500 profit.