January 15, 2013

Dawn Summers Makes Me Say "Hmmm"

For reasons that will become apparent in a later post, I was doing some searches for a particular blog post by the inestimable and prolific Real Dawn Summers when I stumbled across this interesting quote from conservative political blog "Freedom Matters":

“Obama is all style. No substance. He’s all ‘I want to send children to the moon,’ and then when you ask how he says ‘Hope.’” – Dawn Summers


Well clearly there has to be a FAKE Real Dawn Summers who just happens to hold the opposite political views of the REAL Real Dawn Summers we all know and love. Sort of a matter-antimatter thing. Real Dawn v. Anti-Real Dawn.

But wait. What's that on the Dawn Summers blog Clareified, from way back in February 2008? A tormented blog post, you say?

I called up pearatty last night after watching a particularly horrific Hillary Clinton interview with George somethingsomethingopolis.

“I’m losing faith,” I cried, “maybe Obama is better.”

“Dawn,” she said, “Obama is all style. No substance. He’s all “I want to send children to the moon,” and then when you ask how he says “Hope.”"

That made me laugh.

He totally would say hope. That wanker.

Obama is untested to say the least. He’s 40, has won exactly one statewide election –where his opponent was a transplant from another state — and he didn’t even give a crap about that job enough to so much as finish a half of it before he decides no running the United States is what he’d be better at.

Yeah, me too. I can run the United States. Um…I believe in myself and stuff.
And of course, should the idiot wing of the Democratic party will out and nominate…ack ack ack…Obama, I will work as hard as I usually work at things, to see that he…umm…loses to McCain by as few votes as possible. (I tried typing beats McCain, but I was giggling too hard that I couldn’t see the keyboard.)

~Dawn Summers, "They try to make me like Obama, I say no, no, no."


So, while I was busy in Iowa caucusing for our eventual President, Dawn Summers was calling him a "wanker"?

I am so telling Obama.


  1. Yes it is sad that she's among the missing. Of course I would like the quote you dug out but I also found her an interesting lady -- beyond the movie reviews. She made a great Rick Steve's -- beyond hanging with some questionable Midwestern folks.

    What made you recognize how much smarter than you Dawn is? :) What took so long?

    It is all a plot against O's deserved success. Recognize that it is the fault of those who disagree, guns, butter, and 32 ounce drinks. Of course we can hope for change. Any self-determination not recommended.

  2. I received the following email from Ms. Dawn Summers:

    "Your blog ate my comment! Which was as follows .... so post it!

    You shut your mouth! Umm... I was hacked! My cousin did it? Meh, it's widely known that I was a huge Hillary supporter, mostly because I thought she was our best chance to win back the White House, but also because I was underwhelmed at the Obama fundraiser I attended. I've since changed my mind. Obviously.

    Stephane" (a/k/a Dawn Summers)

  3. "Dawn" also mentioned there is such a thing as "too much cheese".

    I have discredited everything printable from her since that tweet.