November 30, 2010

'Nuff Said (v. 1.0)—Tapping the Lead Crystal

Plenty of poker bloggers (e.g., F-Train, Poker Grump, me) have addressed the "Don't Tap the Glass" maxim, which essentially states that it is stupid (i.e., unprofitable) to complain when people play poorly against you and win, because it merely educates them into playing better.  And don't we have enough smart players out there already?

Today, Jordan at High On Poker stated this principle better than I've ever heard it before:

If a guy calls you with a 20/80 underdog and then hits, you can berate him and get him to fold all future 20/80 underdogs … and why would you ever want to do that?  You already experienced the 20 side of it, so encourage the bad play and collect your damn 80!

'Nuff said.  Now if only I could figure out why I get the 80 side less than 20% of the time ....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This is the first in an irregular series of posts where I will highlight thoughts by other bloggers which I find to be particularly well-written, succinct points which are worth passing along, but where I also find I have no real additional commentary to add.  Think of it as a blogger-centric homage to (or rip-off of) Poker Grump's running "Poker Gems" series of quotes derived from a variety of poker media. 


  1. I've always figured it this way. When some douche is calling off his stack chasing a 4 to 1 shot some other guy gets the 4 misses and I'm the poor sap who is in there the 1 time he hits. I look at them as the universe's solution on how to redistribute my chips.

  2. "'Nuff said. Now if only I could figure out why I get the 80 side less than 20% of the time ...."

    We do not concur.


    /Every PM Regular/

  3. "Now if only I could figure out why I get the 80 side less than 20% of the time ...."

    it occurs to me that this sentiment seems a little out of place coming, as it does, in a column next to a story about you stacking some poor kid with Kings with your "Spanish Inquisition"

  4. I will look forward to guessing your casino photos.

  5. @ KenP: Trust me, photography is one area where I have zero skills!

    @ Anon & Jugweed: I have mastered hitting the 20% side 80% of the time, but I merely want the 80% side to hold up more often, say at least 50% of the time. Life is tough as a statistical variance box!

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