December 28, 2010

Friday Fun (v.1.17)—Lactose Tolerant Movies

Yesterday, as I was driving back to Iowa after spending Christmas with the parents in Nebraska, a Twitter meme exploded involving the hashtag #dairymovies.  Although I would like to blame Poker Grump or "Real" Dawn Summers for this little bit of insanity, it appears my Twitter feed was infected by none other than Ugarles.  In any event, the point of the silliness was to create movie titles involving a dairy product pun.  I contributed a few:
  • The Boursin Identity / Supremacy
  • Bleu Veleveeta
  • Fondue the Right Thing
  • Muenster's Ball / Gods & Muensters / Muenster's, Inc. (etc., etc., etc.)
  • The Black Holstein
  • 20,000 Leagues Udder the Sea
  • The Care Bears Movie (Le Cinema des Camemberts)
  • Provo Lonesome Dove
  • Cheddar Off Dead
  • Bleu Cheese Lagoon (Le Lagoon du Roquefort)

Among the folks I follow on Twitter, there were quite a number of clever and/or amusing entries.  Here are some of my personal favorites:

Doing a quick search on Twitter, here are some other notable efforts from the "at-large" community (some with a high degree of difficulty):

However, the grand prize, cream of the crop, big cheese entry is by Jess Welman, with:
  • Fontina (Aged) Mutant Ninja Turtles
See what she did there?  Oh so clever and funny, not to mention an inherently cheesy movie to boot!  Well-played, Ms. Welman, well-played indeed!

As pointed out in subsequent tweets, Soymilk Green is not really a dairy product.  It's people!

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  1. While there were some really, really good efforts, I think you take top prize with Provo Lonesome Dove. That's just inspired.