June 11, 2010

Friday Fun (v. 1.4)—
Dogs & Cats Eating Sausage Together

We all know that tigers love pepper, and hate cinnamon.  But what gets their big cat cousins all revved up?  Apparently, Calvin Klein Obsession for Men cologne.  According to a Wall Street Journal article by Ellen Byron, scientists have found that cheetahs and jaguars go wild for the musky tones of Obsession for Men.  Now scientists are using the cologne to assist their research by attracting the big cats to areas where they can be filmed or photographed.

* * * * *

Although the famed Dr. Pauly has cornered the blog market for bacon with the excellent Tao of Bacon, there is still room for crAAKKer to establish a sausage niche.  Speaking of sausage, I enjoyed some excellent smoked sausage, pulled pork, and brisket yesterday at Jethro's BBQ with Ironman Bonny.  Jethro's BBQ, just a block from Drake University, is home to the famed Adam Emmenecker Sandwich, named after the star point guard from Drake's 2008 MVC champion basketball team.  The five pound sandwich includes an angus steak burger, brisket, pork tenderloins, buffalo chicken tenders, bacon, fried cheese, melted cheddar cheese, and white cheddar sauce.  Definitely be prepared for a bad case of the meat sweats!

But anyway, turning back to sausage news, how many of you have been out late at night, hitting the bars, when after midnight you think, "I would love a big, hot, tasty sausage!"?  (Note:  This question is not for readers who are single and female or non-traditional male).  Well, in Spain, it is now possible for you to satisfy your sausage jones 24/7, as a butcher shop has set up a 24-hour sausage vending machine.  Brilliant!  (Hat tip to Neatorama).

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Combining crAAKKer's commitment to sports, gambling, and wildlife, if you are in a sports gambling slump, might I suggest smoking vulture brains

(NOTE:  I wrote this section several days ago, but I notice this morning that Dr. Pauly has also reported on this important gambling advantage.  Anyway, if you aren't following the Tao of Poker, you aren't a serious degenerate poker player.)

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Tired of your job?  Over at WeirdWorm, they report on seven real jobs that sound like a joke.  I won't spoil all the fun, but let's just say that they all better pay a lot more than minimum wage.

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In our serious science news of the week, it was announced that scientists now believe the Earth and the Moon formed in a collision between two dwarf planets.  Which explains why State Farm is charging the Earth such a ridiculous premium for asteroid collision coverage.  (And you thought I was heading for the obvious midget porn joke).  The interesting part of the scientific research was that the formation of Earth occurred much later than originally thought—roughly 150 million years after the formation of the Solar System.  Or, for my young earth creationist readers, the middle of last October.

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Finally, what better way to close the week than with a crazy dog video?  (The video is crazy, the dog is pretty impressive).


  1. "how many of you have been out late at night, hitting the bars, when after midnight you think, 'I would love a big, hot, tasty sausage!'?"

    I just assumed every city had The Sausage Guy or a permutation thereof.

  2. 1. On "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery channel, it frequently happens that Mike Rowe has somebody's filthy, disgusting tasks explained to him. After a pause, he'll say, "You're making it up. This isn't a real job--is it?"

    2. Just two days ago I was watching a Penn and Teller "Bullshit" from last season. It was about 2010 doomsday prophecies. One nut was saying that Planet X would collide with Earth next year, and Planet X was a brown dwarf star. They cut to Penn asking Gary Coleman, "Are you going to collide with the earth next year?" Coleman deadpans, "Yes I am."

    (Brown. Dwarf. Star. Get it?)

  3. It was Gyro George at Kent State University, even still many years after being there if we are in the vicinity of Kent at night, we think of how plausible it would be to hit the Gyro stand.

    I'd be remorse if I didn't give a shout out to the 'young earth creationists', never mind, they'd just convince themselves I didn't exist. I so love the fringe lunatics of 'creation science'.