October 10, 2010

In Which I Encounter a Kettle

I played a short session Friday night at the Meadows ATM.  Got into a newly opened table, and things started off just fine, getting up $250 in the first hour, mostly off a flopped top set of Yaks and hitting altos dos pairs with a LeDawn of hearts (suited K-rag) against AK.  But then, the wheels came off.  I had two monster draws that whiffed.  I hit two flush draws on the turn, got it all in, and both times the river boated up my opponent.  But the pièce de résistance was this little beauty.

I was on the button, and there were several limpers to me.  I found satanic Aces (AsAc), my first sighting of Aces all night.  After doing that little mental jig we all do when we see Aces, I raised to $17 to thin the field.  The only caller was a guy on my right who a couple of orbits earlier had called my preflop raise with A4o, and caught an Ace to snap my only Cowboys of the evening.  The next few hands proved he was incapable of folding any Ace preflop.  Let's call him Raggedy Andy.  Ahhh yes, revenge is a dish best served cold.  With a good felting thrown in.  Too bad he only had a couple hundred left, but it would do nicely as an object lesson.

The flop was innocuous enough:  Qc-Jc-2s.  Raggedy Andy checked, I bet $30 into the ~$45 pot, Raggedy Andy insta-called.  Turn was the 2c.  Raggedy Andy checked, I bet $50, and he pushed for another $80.  Sigh.  Could he have a duck?  Acey-ducky?  Crubs?  If he flopped altos dos pairs, I just counterfeited him, and he's the kind of guy who might think I was being a bully with AK and push with just AQ or KQ.  Well, it was $80 to win ~$285, and I had to have at least four outs if I were behind.  I made the crying call, and Raggedy Andy rolled over ... 


That's right, this yahoo played heads up, out of position, for a raise, with eight-five of freakin' crubs.  Only an idiot would make that play!  Chasing a flush draw; why do I miss my draws while these morons always hit?  What a terrible play!   Stupid yahoo ...

Oh yeah, I blanked the river, natch.  Live poker is rigged.


P.S.  I did hit quad deuces later in the evening, but of course nobody had a hand to pay me off.  Sometimes, I play soooo bad.


  1. If I were you, I would have mucked on the flop. You know they're getting there.

  2. @ BWoP: I think this episode disproves your whole "crub whistle" claim. Unless you used it long distance against me, in which case I raise a fist of doom toward you.

  3. I am positive that 85s is a craacker hand. Live by the sword ...