April 25, 2010

Bi-Ware the Gay Mafia

I swear, I'll get some poker and sports posts up this week, but the past few days have seen some really silly moments on the gay news front, including:

  • The decision to disqualify a gay softball team from the gay softball association's national championship game, because three of its bisexual players were declared to be "heterosexual" (the subject of my post a few days ago).
  • A Pennsylvania state legislator "outing" her primary opponent ... as straight!  According to Thomas Fitzgerald at the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Veteran Rep. Babette Josephs (D., Phila.) last Thursday accused her primary opponent, Gregg Kravitz, of pretending to be bisexual in order to pander to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender voters, a powerful bloc in the district."  Who thought we'd ever see the day when being straight was a political scandal?
  • A Sacramento, California man, has filed a lawsuit alleging, "he was fired for not being gay, or gay enough, while working at Suzie's", a local porn shop (excuse me, "adult bookstore").  As reported by David Begnaud of the local CBS affiliate (KOVR), the man asserts, "I was told flat out that I wasn't the 'gay boy' they were looking for; they were looking for someone who was more gay."  Oh, and the man is "a plumber by trade."  'Nuff said.
Clearly, the Fairy Godfather of the gay mafia is hard at work, keeping the straight man down.  While you mentally make your own half dozen truly tasteless jokes, let's hand it off to Robin Williams and Elton John to explain the gay mafia:

Robin Williams, Live on Broadway (at the 4:30 mark):

Will & Grace (special appearance by Elton John):

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