May 20, 2010

D-Bags O' the Day (v. 1.10)—
A Red Card for High School Soccer Fans

This D-Bag O' the Day award really requires little commentary. Tuesday night was the Nebraska state high school soccer championship game between Lincoln East and Omaha South. Apparently, a group of Lincoln East fans thought it would be hilarious if they riffed on soccer's yellow and red card system for signalling fouls by creating ... wait for it ... green cards.  I suspect you can already guess that there are some significant demographic and socioeconomic differences between the schools' students.  School administrators did get wind of the plot, and managed to put the kibosh on a mass display of the cards during the game.  But, after Lincoln East won 4-2 in overtime and the team was celebrating on the field, some fan(s) threw a bunch of the green cards into the air and out into the middle of the field.

Stay classy, Lincoln East fans.

As a personal aside, I refereed high school basketball for over 15 years and saw the occasional display of truly offensive fan behavior, but nothing approaching this situation.  Usually it was a parent who couldn't believe that a coach or referee failed to recognize that his/her child was the next Michael Jordan / Diana Taurasi.  Though I once saw four fathers get into a postgame brawl arguing about which of their daughters should have taken the game's last shot ...

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