May 22, 2010

Wine & Whine O' the Week (v. 1.12)

It's been awhile for a "Wine & Whine" post, but I haven't had much inspiration on either front in recent weeks. However, this past week I found a nice wine that deserves a mention, so here ya go ...

On IMOP-V, I was playing a session at the Venetian.  Somehow it came out that I was from Iowa, which is actually relevant to the story.  Some d-bag was being obnoxious, but I didn't mind since he was fairly easy to read, drunk, and on life tilt.   Eventually, d-bag made a big opening raise, signalling a premium hand.  I was on the button, so I called with 97s, figuring there was a chance to play for stacks if I hit a good flop.  The flop came down 6-5-2, with one of my suit.  D-bag bet, and I called, thinking there was a chance he was c-betting with overs and I could steal on a blank turn.  The turn was a face card not of my suit, and I was pretty much done with the hand, except the d-bag checked.  I assumed he was slowplaying at least a pair at this point, so I checked behind.  The river brought the miracle 8.  Donkey Kong!  D-bag bet, I raised, he pushed, I called, and he showed AA.  Yahoo! 

Now, this was a pretty standard crAAKKer hand, except d-bag had to go into drunken professor mode, complaining about my preflop call.  I ignored him as I stacked his chips.  Then d-bag's rebuy chips arrived, and he had to get in one last jab:

D-bag:  "Chasing a gutterball?  So, that's how you play in Iowa?"

Me:  "In Iowa, we bet the turn to protect our hand."

D-bag:  [sputters incoherently]

The d-bag's flushed face (whether from booze or embarassment) came to mind when I tried the 2008 Juno Cape Maidens Rosé this week.  This wine is made from shiraz and pinotage grapes (pinotage is South Africa's original claim to vino fame), and is higher alcohol (14%) than most rosé wines.  It has vibrant strawberry and watermelon flavors, with a hint of carbonation that lends to the crisp, dry, refreshing finish.  Should go well with most lighter summer fare, like salads, sandwiches, and seafood.  But, it is also a tasty sipper on its own for warm summer days.  Retail price is $9-$10/bottle.  Enjoy!

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