May 21, 2010

Friday Fun (v. 1.1)

Please try to contain your excitement ...

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Over at, there is a compilation of the 20 Best Last Supper parodies.  Many are pretty amusing, but to honor Pac-Man's 30th birthday:

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Our friends at 3 Quarks Daily highlighted a video of a Hong Kong architect who transformed a 300 sq. foot apartment into a highly functional living area:

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A cunning linguist (David Bamman) has developed a method of using Twitter to examine word usage patterns based on differences in age, gender, and geography.  There is also a fun interactive map.  Try out WSOP and notice the oddball Midwestern state preoccupied with the pokerz ...

* * * * *

On the gambling front, a lady in Colorado thought she hit a $42.9 million jackpot playing penny slots.  Upon further review, her jackpot was found to be $23.43 ... and not in millions, either.  The house always wins, even if you win.

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Finally, who can resist a good video of a celebrity walking into a glass door?

I would poke more fun at poor Justin Bieber, but:  a) he takes a lot of unfair shots as it is when he's just a kid enjoying some unexpected fame and fortune (who of us wouldn't do the same at his age?); and b) I rammed my head into a glass display window in the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes on a recent Vegas trip, trying to get a better look at a watch in a display case (it produced quite the gong sound effect).  So really, this is just a terrible accident that can happen to the best of folks ...

Enjoy your weekend!

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