April 01, 2011

The Haiku of Ironman

Santa's elves (no relation to Lucky, our token leprechaun) have hinted that release of the official trip report for Ironman of Poker VI--Santa's 12 is imminent. Which likely means "when I damn well feel like it." So, to satisfy your IMOP jones in the interim, I offer these cryptic teasers in haiku form:

Sex & City slots
Sports book rollercoaster ride
Fourball for the win

Sahara red coat
Caipirinha waterfall
Fat ball prop denied

Crazy Belgian chef
Tiny headwear, goose and juice
Pot limit jackpot

Stripper on Fremont
Mojitos versus anvils
Hooker on River

To the cloud! Fukkaw!
Riviera heater check
Da Grump 4 Da Win!

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