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Antique Dildos? Inconceivable!

July 23, 2010

The Volokh Conspiracy is an interesting legal blog with libertarian leanings.  This week, there were a couple of posts discussing a ruling by a court in India that declared that Hindu gods cannot have finance accounts to allow them to make trades on the stock exchange.  Apparently Hindu gods have trouble creating their own property out of nothing like most of your run of the mill supernatural folk.  Guess the down economy is hurting even deities, making day trading a nice way to make some cash for weekend clubbing.

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Speaking of the economy, a 17-year old boy used Craigslist to initiate a serious of swaps, and ended up turning a used cell phone into a Porsche Boxter.  Makes me wonder why I bothered with law school.  (Hat tip to Neatorama).

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It was a great week in Swedish archaeology.  Also, in good news for traditional males everywhere, the Swedish bikini team probably has low expectations.

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The Princess Bride is an all-time classic comedy, full of funny scenes and great quotes.  But would it have made a great horror film as well?  Inconceivable!  (posted at Miss Cellenia):

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Via The Daily What, our silly dog video of the week from I Has a Hot Dog:


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