July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Berkeley!

Yup, my cute little sweetheart puppy officially became a bad-azz dog as of midnight.  Time for him to get a job!

Relaxing after a long walk.

Hanging with buddy Oliver, a/k/a "The Snapping Westie".

How dare you interrupt my nap time?!?

I like football, long walks, and destroying my sworn enemy, the peace lily.

Seriously?  Who do you think runs this show?

Still blogging?  How about a treat before bed?  Please?


  1. He's turned hangdog expressions into science.

    Nice digs, BTW. That one shot shows Berkley really digs it. I'm also surprise. Doesn't all of Iowa live in a Soddy.

  2. Happy Birthday B, outstanding pictures.

  3. @ KenP: Berk is the master of the sad puppy look. It is darn near irresistible when he turns on the charm. The last photo (bottom right) is my all-time favorite "manipulative Berkeley" picture.