July 04, 2010

My Favorite iPhone Poker Apps

Here are some completely unsolicited, unpaid endorsements of iPhone poker apps I have found particularly useful.  Frankly, now that I think about it, why am I not getting paid for my endorsement?

Poker Journal:  This app is rather pricey ($12.99), but there is a "Lite" version you can try out for free to see if you like the app before committing to the purchase.  Poker Journal is a great app for tracking your session results, for both cash games and tournaments.  You are able to customize your regular poker rooms, cash game stakes, and tournaments, as well as include home games and non-regular games (e.g., a one-time visit to a casino on vacation or a business trip).  For cash games, you simply take a few seconds to start up a session, note your buy-in, and the app starts tracking your session.  Rebuys and breaks take a quick touch of the screen to record.  When you cash out, you simply stop the session and note the amount of your cash out.  Poker Journal then calculates a number of stats, including profit/loss, and hourly rate.  The app also charts your bankroll, and can compare your performance based on a number of factors:  casino/room, stakes, game type, time of day, day of week, etc.  For tournaments, you can also track number of runners, number of places paid, prize pool, and where you busted out.  Best of all, you can export the data in spreadsheet compatible format via email.

This app gets a big thumbs up.  It is often tough to record accurate session stats, particularly if you get distracted when you get home, or if you are out of town.  The app is extremely easy to set up and use, the charts, graphs, and analysis are well-designed, and incorporating the data into an established poker-tracking spreadsheet is a snap.  I can also see how the app would be an excellent tool for tracking results on a Vegas trip, where I tend to put in sessions at multiple rooms each day, and play at up to a dozen total rooms on a trip.  Might be the best $12.99 I've spent in a while; the price of a standard 1/2 NL raise gets you a ton of functionality with this app.

PokerNews:  PokerNews.com is the leading poker media site for WSOP coverage, and this app provides live coverage for all WSOP events, including updates, chip counts, payouts, photos, and more. This app is free of charge, and better than hitting "refresh" on the computer when sweating an event.  The app also covers other poker tournaments and tournament series, including NAPT, WPT, EPT, LAPT, and WSOP Circuit events, among others.

Vegas Poker Now:  A new website for the casual Vegas poker player is being developed, and this iPhone app is an integral part of the project.  The VPN app provides information about Vegas poker rooms, updated by each room's management.  Information includes room reviews, tournament data, cash games spread, promotional events, etc.  The app is being updated essentially daily at present, as more rooms come on board.  Should become a definitive guide to the Vegas poker scene, useful to any poker player visiting Vegas.  An Android compatible version of the app is also being developed.

Poker Notebook:  This free app provides a great method for tracking interesting hands of note.  You simply plug in the cards in play, and type in relevant notes about the betting or other details.  Much handier than using the default iPod notebook app.  Plus, you can save your great hands and classic bad beats forever!

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