July 25, 2010

Friday Fun (v.1.10)—Special Weekend Update

I'm batching it this weekend with the Berkster (the crazy maniac version of my sweet Berkeley), and also decompressing after finishing an appellate brief this past week.  I love writing major briefs, and this case involves an important new legal issue (well, important to my field of law, but boring to 99.4% of the world).  But a big project like that is also seriously draining on the creativity.  So, no original content this morning, though there may be something later in the day if the Berkster ever decides to nap between rounds of Football, Fish, Rope, and Sock Monkey (there is apparently some significant difference in these games, but it escapes me).  On an unrelated note, is there anything wrong with letting a dog have a beer or two?

* * * * *

A truly gifted writer can make you enoy reading about a topic you would otherwise ignore.  One of the best writers I've run across online is Brad Willis, a/k/a "Otis".  Today, he made me laugh about an iPhone app I know nothing about and probably won't ever try out.  Earlier this month, I teared up as he shared the pain of the passing of his dog, Scoop.  My first encounter with his writing was the report of his bureaucratic nightmare after becoming enmeshed in the medical billing system following the otherwise routine birth of his son.  Otis is not only a technically gifted writer, but he has style as well.  So, add Rapid Eye Reality to your Google Reader feed.  Do it!

* * * * *

Speaking of talent and laughter, I also enjoyed The Godfather of Online Poker (TGOOP), perhaps the best-executed photoshop project of all time, posted on 2+2 by "Eponymous" (hat tip to Pauly at Tao of Poker).  Here's just a very limited list of inspired characters:

The Godfather—Howard Lederer
Tom Hagen (the consigliere)—Tom Dwan
Michael—Patrik Antonius
Sonny—Gus Hansen
Fredo ("Phildo")—Phil Gordon
Clemenza—Mike Matusow
Solozzo ("Sebozzo")—Joe Sebok
The Corrupt Police Captain—T.J. Cloutier (in his "T.J Cookier" form; his death scene is hilarious)

The written dialogue is equally inspired, both as a satire of the movie and a commentary on poker, with some hilarious throwaway jokes in the background (look for the Robert Williamson III cameo in a poker game where another player picks up Aces and Eights, or Clonie Gowen saying, "you know I suck at poker").  If you like The Godfather and poker, this may be the funniest thing you read all week.

* * * * *

It must be "Burglary Week" at Neatorama.com, as they have found reports of a man breaking into a bar ... and opening it for business; a bear breaking into a car and taking it for a ride (picture); and a bank robber who wasn't as smart as the bear.

ADDENDUM (25 July 2010):  Apparently Darth Vader has been laid off and is resorting to robbing banks to pay for his asthma medication.

* * * * *

If you like chipmunks and amazing photography, check out this photo collection by "powerpig" at Flickr.

* * * * * 

A song that often makes into my iPod poker mix o' the month is LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out".  Trust me, if you find yourself playing too passively, flip to this song (or some old-school Metallica) and your game will get back in the right groove.  However, let's just say that this remix of the song might have a different effect on your game ...

(Hat tip to 3QuarksDaily).

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