January 15, 2010

Wine & Whine O' the Week (v. 1.2)

Our whine of the week comes courtesy of “Uber Nit”, a regular at my local casino, Prairie Meadows Racetrack & ATM in the greater Des Moines, IA area. Uber Nit is an interesting character who irritates most players, but usually amuses me. He’s notorious for playing super tight, getting tilty (and talking to himself) when one of his big hands gets snapped, and pulling a hit and run at the 2/5 NL game before dropping down to the 1/2 NL game so he can take his profit out of play.

Last night, I played a short session with college buddy “Santa Claus” who was in town on business. When a seat came open at my table, Santa moved over with his stack of about $350. Santa wandered off until the button passed, at which point the following exchange occurred:

Uber Nit:  He can’t come in for more than $300.

Me:  Even if it’s a table change?

Uber Nit:  Yeah, he can’t come in for more than the table maximum.

Me:  So if you want to rathole some money, all you have to do is switch tables?

Uber Nit:  Well, if you table change you can put the extra money in your pocket.

Me:  Oh cool, so you can rathole.

Uber Nit:  I’m just saying that’s the rule.

Me:  Yeah, you would know the rules for ratholing.

This snappy comeback pairs nicely with the Gruet Brut NV Sparkling Wine from Gruet Winery in New Mexico, of all places. It is an excellent value, usually around the $15 retail price point. It has crisp green apple and grapefruit flavors, a citrus aroma, and plenty of creamy bubbles. Fun to drink on its own, but it also complements chicken, fish, pasta with cream sauce, and just about any other dish where you would usually drink a good white wine.

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