January 07, 2010

Wine & Whine O' the Week (v. 1.1)

In what I hope becomes a weekly (or at least regular) feature, I proudly present the first installment of Wine & Whine O' the Week, which combines two of my favorite life experiences: a good glass of wine, and a good glass-shattering whine by some poor yahoo who ran into one of my "monster" hands:

"He called me with Jacks, after I reraised to $60. He has to know I've got Aces or Kings. Jacks!"--Angry Sunglasses Guy @ Mirage

This yahoo's whine pairs well with the 2007 Rosenblum Rockpile Road Reserve Petite Sirah. Another hearty petite sirah from the uber-masters of that grape, lots of black fruit flavors with hints of chocolate and spice. Perfect for sipping on a cold winter night, with or without comfort food, basking in the memory of another tilted D-Bag.

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