January 07, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Hey all, my name is Grange95. Well, not really, but that's been my nickname of choice on a number of websites, so I might as well stick with it here. Welcome to my first blog! Make yourself comfy, help yourself to anything in the booze cabinet or wine rack (except the two bottles on the top right, thanks), and let's catch up.

First off, although I plan to post about a wide variety of topics, don't be surprised if most posts reference poker in some manner. I've been playing poker for a few years now, and it is my hobby of choice for a few reasons: a) I love puzzles and games, b) I meet a lot of funny and interesting people at the poker tables, and c) I usually make some money (most of which seems to go--directly or indirectly--to the sig. other). Now, we're not talking life changing big stakes money here; I usually play $1/$2 or $2/$5 NLHE or PLO cash games*, where most sessions I wind up being up or down a few hundred dollars at most. Still, I play to win, even if I'm having fun at the same time.

Other topics sure to arise frequently are Nebraska Huskers football, NFL football, college basketball, wine, gin, tequila, movie quotes, and my puppy Berkeley (a mischievous boxer). I'll try to keep the work talk to a minimum, since the only thing more boring than being a lawyer is hearing a lawyer talk about his work.

Some of you may know me from other sites where I post frequently, most likely All Vegas Poker (AVP). The folks at AVP graciously provided me with a special spot in their discussion forums where I was able to post random poker-related polls and discussion topics, as well as maintaining something resembling an intermittent blog about the bizarre people and wacky events I've encountered while playing poker. If you are a low stakes or casual poker player, looking for reviews of Vegas poker rooms, discussion of the Vegas dining and social scene, trip reports from people who have traveled to Vegas, or discussion of poker rules and strategy, I strongly encourage you to spend some time poking around AVP, or even jumping into their discussions.

So why am I starting this blog? First off, I can put cooler artwork on here. Second, my recent encounters with a number of famous, infamous, and felonious poker bloggers convinced me that having my personal poker blog would enable me to score more hot chicks and cheaper drinks. Certainly two worthwhile rewards! Finally, there is the obvious reason--being master of my own domain. Oh, but not in the Seinfeld way.

So, I hope a few of y'all enjoy stopping by from time to time. Oh yeah, please bear with me as I learn all the ins and outs of the blogging thing; I'm old enough to still remember electric typewriters, and it took a few years after I joined my law firm for them to get voicemail, email, and networked computers. Yup, it was almost the Stone Age ... Anyway, pardon the mess while I get moved in and do a little remodelling.

Now, lacking any better way to end this already lengthy introduction, excuse me while I'm run over by a truck.

*For the non-poker players who may read this, NLHE is No Limit Hold 'Em, the game shown on all of those TV shows, where each player has two "hole cards" and tries to make the best hand using those cards and the five community cards available to all the players. PLO is Pot Limit Omaha, which is similar to NLHE, but each player has four hole cards, leading to stronger winning hands, more drawing hands, and more "action" (more raises and bigger pots).


  1. Now that Grange95 has his very own blog, I can let mine fade into obscurity without feeling that poker blog-readers will be bereft...

    Always glad for another venue to benefit from your wit and wisdom, sir!


  2. Having a poker blog has definitely enabled me to score more hot chicks!

  3. Why does F-Train get higher billing than I in your blogroll? Oh, wait, never mind.

  4. Cardgrrl, I link to your excellent blog, so it better not fade away!

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