April 30, 2010

D-Bag O' the Day (v. 1.5)—I Can't Drive 65

Yesterday, on my trip back to my home state of Nebraska, I encountered several examples of a common species of D-Bag, the Left Lane Slowpoke—drivers who sit in the left lane, but neither passing the traffic in the right lane nor pulling into the right lane, trapping faster movig traffic behind them in an impromptu rolling roadblock.  I'm not sure what motivates these folks:  some may dislike being in the same lane as most of the truck traffic, some may hate making lane changes, a few are probably oblivious to the traffic piling up behind them, and a few are trying to single-handedly enforce speed limits (they are the ones who make a point of not letting you pass for a mile or so, then glaring as you pass them on the right).

Our designated D-Bag, however, gets the award for exceptional inconsideration.  As I approached the Council Bluffs/Omaha area on I-80, I found my way blocked by this yahoo, who managed to almost—but never quite—pass the truck in the right lane for nearly 10 miles.  Both trucks were going 60-65 mph the entire time, while the speed limit is 70 mph (and prevailing auto traffic is typically ~75 mph).  By the time our yahoo gave up the chase and pulled into the right lane, over 20 cars had piled up behind me in a convoy of the damned.

Trucking company name obscured to protect the innocent employer
from its inconsiderate employee.

So thanks a lot, pal.  Your little trucker's Indy 500 inconvenienced a bunch of other drivers, and probably created a potentially dangerous situation as all those congested cars waited to get past your inconsiderate and self-absorbed ego. 

Sing it, Sammy!

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  1. haha!! awesome!! sounds like a typical Friday night drive up I-15 from Southern Calif to Las Vegas.

  2. This is one of my pet peeves as well, someone driving too slow in the fast lane. But worse is someone driving too slow on a two-lane road that is no passing with speed limit of 55. I can't believe how many times I find people that can't even go the speed limit but have to be 10 - 20 mphs below it! The song, "I Can't Drive 55" applies to them in an ironic way.

    P.S. The name on the trailer is not necessary the same company as the driver. The cab on the front is the actual driver and company (unless it is an idependent driver).