August 05, 2010

Friday Fun (v.1.12)—
Pocket Rockets Cracked by Dysentary

With the 2010 Ironmen of Poker Heads Up Tournament set for Cedar Rapids, my blogging will be limited this weekend (not that you really expected anything significant on a summer weekend).  For now, enjoy this hodgepodge of hilarity ...

* * * * *

I was planning to vacation in the lovely glacial wastelands of Antarctica, but apparently the continent's lack of venomous snakes is counterbalanced by the presence of highly venomous ... octopi.  Yup, the strange idea that a harsh icy environment would be venomous-creature-free was a major miscalculation on my part.  What we need now is a St. Patrick for mollusks, or a market for calamari fugu ...

* * * * *

On your required reading list for the week are an Atlantic City poker trip report by High On Poker, and a marinara sauce incident in LA, as told over at Lost Angeles.

* * * * *

Banana Republic is clearly trying to cash in (belatedly) on the poker boom, using the old "pocket rocket" ploy to sell dress pants (presumably to non-traditional males):

* * * * *

Finally, when I was in 5th or 6th grade, a big thrill for us were the days when we got to play the computer game, "Oregon Trail".  No better way to kill an hour of a boring day than shooting buffalo and laughing at people dying from dysentary.  In any event, here's an inspired faux movie trailer (via the


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