August 13, 2010

Friday Fun (v.1.13)—Terrorist Buddhabrot Goats Vanish in the Bermuda Triangle

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, where significant numbers of ships and aircraft have inexplicably disappeared over the centuries, along with repeated sightings of strange lights in the sky at night.  The culprit?  Ocean farts.

* * * * *

As the sig other and I started making uber-preliminary wedding plans—like trying to find a good date next summer, and bickering about whether to invite all the Real Housewives of Atlanta or just NeNe—genius writer Otis is back with an insightful post about ... gay Muslim terror babies.  Who woulda thunk it?  Pour yourself a mojito and give it a read.

I also want to highly recommend a brilliant piece by the "Real" Dawn Summers on her "I Had Outs" poker-ish blog (not to be confused with her "expressing anger at the world with a side of poetry" blog, Clareified).  Pour yourself a kamikaze shot with prosecco chaser and check out Dawn's amazing writing talent.

* * * * *

For my fellow math geeks, let me pass along a couple of cool posts by Miss Cellania at examining weird mathematical objects from a non-math perspective.  Check out strange shapes like the Apollonoian gasket, the gömböc, the Buddhabrot, and the Mandelbulb.  Also, get your socks knocked off by the design plan for the Kazakhstan national library, which is essentially a three dimensional Mobiüs strip.  Finally, recent research points to oxygen molecules forming fractal patterns serving as the key to high-temperature superconductors.

Fractal image generated by computer program written by
Stephen C. Ferguson (image posted at UC-Irvine website).

* * * * *

Via the Daily, astonishing news that Denny's has created the ultimate hangover sandwich:  deep-fried cheesesticks, melted into a grilled cheese sandwich.  Brilliant!  Seriously, check out the picture and tell me you aren't drooling.

* * * * *

For any of my readers who are contemplating a career as a poker dealer, let me suggest that goat herding might actually be very similar in terms of work environment, but better paying:

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