June 25, 2010

Friday Fun (v. 1.6)—
Cougars Eating Unicorns at Bacon Camp

Via the Freakonomics blog, here is a list of some great Google "Easter Eggs".  The ninja is pretty sweet (aren't they always?), but my two favorites are the "Did You Mean" results when searching for "recursion" and "anagram".  Try it out!  You know you will ....

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Although I Twittered this link during the week, it is such a classic example of lawyers without humor that it deserves a re-mention here.  The lawyers at the great mega-firm, Faegre & Benson, sent a "cease and desist" letter to the folks at ThinkGeek on behalf of their client, The National Pork Board.  The good lawyers were defending their client's trademark slogan, "Pork: The Other White Meat" against infringement by ThinkGeek in its sales of .. wait for it ... canned unicorn meat

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Speaking of processed meats, there was no major sausage-related news this week, but Neatorama.com did pass along two important meat-related stories.  First, the Friendly's Burger chain is now offering a hamburger ... served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  Home cooking tip:  if you're out of hamburger buns, grilled cheese sandwiches will do nicely in a pinch. 

Second, the Washington Post reported on the perfect summer activity:  Camp Bacon.
The sun shone brightly as the couple sat down to breakfast under a big white tent. Their plates were piled high: with hickory-smoked bacon from Edwards of Surry, Va.; long pepper bacon from Arkansas' Ham I Am; and applewood-smoked bacon from Nueske's in Wisconsin; plus bacon scones and a slice of bacon-apple coffee cake for good measure.
Mmmmm, bacon scones!  The report also mentioned prosciutto and pancetta from La Quercia, a small Iowa company.  Trust me, this stuff is amazing!

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In an all-time classic "D'Oh!" moment, a North Carolina fisherman lost a $912,000 prize after catching a prize blue marlin, because one of his crew didn't have a fishing license.  The cost of the license?  Five bucks.  The look on the captain's face after the disqualification?  Priceless. (C'mon, it had to be said!).

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In our international relations, multi-cultural cool video of the week, check out these South Korean student sports fans, who apparently have too much time on their hands and need to be introduced to tailgating:

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Finally, it appears that Orangina, the curiously suggestive soda from France, is marketing its product to cougarsLiterally.  Or maybe I just misunderstood this TV ad from its new ad campaign (some amusing short ads; check out the Panda and Rasta-Lion):

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